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What we do for your property

Founded in 2001 we turned our attention to hospitality in 2004 and later added housing environments, including apartments, dorms, barracks and assisted living facilities. We build and manage networks for clients in 13 western states, where our customers operate around the clock.

We focus on keeping not only your guests and residents productive, but your building and brand as well. Our staff works closely with our clients’ on-site personnel to ensure that everyone has the tools they need and problems are addressed quickly and cost-effectively.

With our partners, we manage:

  • Guest Internet for all hotel brands, including Best Western, Choice, Hilton, IHG, Marriott and Wyndham
  • Support, customizations and access for residents and third party vendors
  • PMS and back-office networks for the staff, including franchise VPNs
  • Non PMS applications, including time and attendance systems
  • Internet and voice circuits, space, power and cooling for telecom closets
  • Hybrid IP/Analog phone systems and 911 compliance for staff and guests/residents
  • Intelligent surveillance and access control systems
  • Smart environmental controls to match energy use to occupancy
  • Connected TV solutions and digital signage for information and brand reinforcement
  • Current and forecasted telecom, IT and entertainment expenses

We support everything we recommend and we have very long relationships with our customers. That leads us to always focus on reliable, affordable solutions.


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